Cameroon is located in the bay of the Gulf of Guinea, just above the Equator and extends from Lake Chad to the Atlantic coast.
Cameroon shares its frontiers with various countries:
• Equatorial Guinea to the South West
• Gabon, to the South-East
• Congo to the south,
• Central African Republic, to the East
• Chad to the North and
• Nigeria to the west.
• Surface area: 475,442 km2
• Maximum altitude: 4,070 m (Mount Cameroon)
• Political capital: Yaoundé, at 700m above sea level and 250km from the coast.
• Principal cities include Douala, Garoua, Maroua, Ngaoundéré, Bafoussam, Bamenda, Bertoua, Kribi, Ebolowa, Buéa, Edéa and Nkongsamba.

One country, two climates.

Cameroon has two types of climates.  [ Rainy Season and Dry Season ]
– In the North and Far North: Tropical climate with a light rainy season and high temperatures (average 30° C) increasing as you advance towards the arid lands.
– In the South, the western high plateaus and coastal plains are influenced by sea and relief with heavy and regular rains and constant temperatures (average 26° C).
According to the Guiness Book of World Records, the town of Debuncha in the coastal SouthWest Region near Limbe, is the second rainest place in the World.

A luxuriant vegetation

The natural beauty and diversity invites people to a stronger respect of environment protection. Therefore, tourists have a great opportunity to find out their harmony with Nature and its treasure. Because vegetation reflects climate, it is humid in the luxuriant tropical forests of the South, which represents more than one third of the total area.

A renewed landscape

At first glance, the tourist is surprised by the beautiful diversity of Cameroonian landscape. His curiosity is excited along the trail of discovery, from picturesque mountains to grey-sandy beaches.
In the North, lunar landscapes like the Kapsikis outstand over the surrounding steppes. Irrigated by great rivers, the South and East tropical forests dominate the territory.
In the South coast, near Kribi, The Cameroonian Côte DAzur, tourists really appreciate the pleasure of the vast sandy beaches shaded by coconut trees.
Finally, Mount Cameroon in the South West, an active volcano towering over the Ocean, offers its black-sandy beaches at Limbe along with other beautiful colors of Cameroon.

Free and protected animals

Cameroon is a real paradise for animals in the wild. The country concentrates the best fauna of Central Africa, through its 9 natural parks and other numerous reserves. Such an exceptional resource stands for a treasure to all tourist in search of The Soul of Africa.
Their dreams become true in the northern savannah when they meet lions, giraffes, elephants, rhinoceros …etc. Down in the South, forests and rivers full of funny gorillas are waiting for their visits.