Adamawa Region

The Adamawa Region and its capital city Ngaoundere, is rightly considered to be one of the most attractive areas for tourists in Cameroon. This region is situated at an average altitude of 1000m (3,000 ft) above sea level. A number of suberb lakes ( Mbalang, Tison) and waterfalls ( Tello, Vina ) make Adamawa a firm favourite with tourists.

Adamawa is affectionately known as the waterShed of Cameroon, due to the many large rivers  of the country that find their source here.  It is also a hunting ground much appreciated by those who love big game hunting. They encounter optimal conditions for pursing their favourite sports here: game in abundance plus comfortable camps and ranches.
Ngaoundere, at the northern terminus of theNorth-South railway, is a picturesque town; its mosques and the palace of Lamido with its magnificient murals are examples of the characteristically traditional architecture of this region. Of special interest in the town are the very animated market quarter of baladji, the Lamido Palace and the museum.