East Region

The East Region is one of the most extensive regions of Cameroon. It is bordered to the north by Adamawa, by the Central African Republic to the east, the Rep of Congo to the South and by the South and Central Regions to the west.
The East Region is populated, among other tribes, by the pygmies, the first inhabitants of the region who harvest crops, gather fruits and hunt. Friendly and welcoming, they have succeeded in turning their environment into a centre of hospitality visited by many tourists.
Also called “The Region of the Rising Sun”, the East is an ecological zone dominated by huge trees.
In this area, nearly 1,500 plant species, some of which are wholly or partially protected, as well as over 500 animal species are to be found, mostly in the Dja Reserve which has been named a World Heritage Site.  These numerous and varied advantages means that the East Region is particularly suitable for several forms of tourism, especially ecotourism, controlled hunting tourism, photo safaris and exploration.