As a result of the concerns for the preservation of the environment, measures have been undertaken to classify and protect some natural sites for various purposes, including scientific, ecological and tourist activities. Some of the prominent ones are:

  1. The Korup National Park which has plant species that are more than one million years old.
  2. Dja Reserve, which is classified among humanities heritages by UNESCO.
  3. Mount Cameroon, which is 4,070 m highland has vegetation which dates back to the Quaternary period and has been accepted for international mounting-climbing events. It is an ecological site with remarkable potential that is being improved by the German NGO, “GTZ”. Mount Cameroon is still an active volcano with the most recent eruption occurring in March 2000. The rainfall in this area is also very high, especially at Debuncha on the West Coast.
  4. The Site of Mayo-Rey where footprints of dinosaurs are still visible.