Far North Region

The Far North Region is fully justified in claiming the title of the most beautiful tourist area in Cameroon. Indeed, being located in the Sahelian zone, its landscape is dominated by the steppes and grassy savannah.
It is intersected by massifs with strange and tormented shapes, such as in the picturesque and enchanted landscapes of the Kapsikis, a favourite haunt of tourists. Rhumsiki is a veritable Mecca for Cameroon tourism.

The inhabitants of the Far North, people of the hinterland, have been able to preserve an authentic culture which may be seen via the architecture, artistic creations, handicrafts, the traditions and folklore of tribes such as the Foulbés, Matakams, Toupouris, Massas, Kotokos, Kirdis, Arabes Choa, Mousgoums, Mandaras and the Mofous.

Above all, however, the Far North Region is famous for the Waza National Park. This is the most well-known and most visited park, having the best reputation in Cameroon and all of French-speaking Africa.