South Region

A mirror image of Cameroon as a whole, the South Region is an all inclusive destination.
 Like an enormous green mantle, the tropical forests, a zone particularly suited to agricultural and ecotourism, covers the area like an enormous blanket of vegetation and offers visitors the possibility of meeting pygmies, the original inhabitants of the forest.
There are numerous rivers, some larger than others, reinforcing the humid climate of this region and featuring spectacular waterfalls and cascades like those in Lobé and Memve’ele.
 The South opens directly onto the Atlantic Ocean with approximately 100 miles of coastline and fine sandy beaches ideal for the development of seaside resorts for tourists.
By choosing to visit the South Region, you unlock the door to discovering monuments and ancient reminders of the first missionaries and the history of the colonization of our country, notably  at Kribi and Campo. Also to be admired is the splendor of the natural forest in the Dja Reserve, justifiably declared one of the World Heritage Sites by UNESCO.