Like the majority of African countries, Cameroon remains relatively unknown to the general public. Many travelers still have a confused image of the typical features among tourist continental destinations.
Nevertheless, Cameroon stands out with a genuine identity expressing diversity and stability, modernity and traditions, dynamism and calm, at once. In short, the country concentrates all the beauties of Africa; which explains why people consider that nobody could really discover Africa without having visited Cameroon. The country is full of melting and contrasting views, which provide tourists with a unique spectacle. This ancestral land relies on a symbiosis between sea and desert, waterfalls and Sahara area, temperate climate in the South and great heat in the North.
The relation between tribal societies and modern cities, the exceptional variety of the flora and fauna, the cohabitation of traditional and democratic leadership…etc, this always gives tourists the impression that they are visiting several countries at the same time. During the trip, they may feel in harmony with art, nature and people, even give up to the Soul of Africa before finding themselves again.

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Mukete Modika Daniel – BIT Bureau Chief

The Government of Cameroon takes a bold and aggressive step towards conquering key Tourism Markets in the western hemisphere by opening a Tourism Information Bureau for the American countries in Washington D.C.  Read More

Pope Benedict visits East Region – Cameroon

In Africa, Cameroon represents a country of its own, enriched with a cultural diversity. This exceptional heritage offers a mosaic of cultures for the satisfaction of all tourist expectations. In short, the outstanding originality of the country is expressed in its cultural diversity.

Women National Team at World Cup

Cameroon has received some international attention following the relative success of its football team. It has qualified for the FIFA World Cup on a number of occasions. Its most notable performance was at Italia 90, when the team beat Argentina, the then reigning Champions in the opening game; Cameroon eventually lost in extra time in the Quarter Finals to England.

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Touristic Heritage Sites In Cameroon

Cameroon is a choice destination with a lot of attractions for any visitor. The country has a lot of natural attractions and many other phenomena that are not found anywhere else in the world, making it possible to have various categories of tourism.

Cameroon is one of the oldest countries of Africa and therefore has a lot of sites that can claim to be labelled as World Heritage Sites. There are several rich, historical, cultural and unusual attractions in Cameroon that form part of Cameroon’s heritage. The diversity of languages, about 250 spoken by about 18 million people is in itself one of Cameroon’s great cultural heritages. The list below are just some of the sites we want you to discover. We also advice you to get your cameras ready for in Cameroon, there is so much to see and discover.

The Bafut chiefdom or Fon Palace

A requested Cultural World Heritage Site, this site is located near Bamenda. This area has about 50 buildings, most of which are terracotta structures, with tiled roofs. The central structure known as “Achum” is architecturally and religiously most important. This count among one of the oldest traditional architectures in Cameroon.

Arch’l. Remains of Shum Laka

This site under the shelter of a huge rock of 1200 sq miles close to Bamenda. An archaeological heritage site has remnants of a typical forest land, where skeletal remnants of men living thousands of years ago were unearthed. Belonging to the Community of Baforchu, this site gives a view of how mankind evolved in this part of the world.

The Diy-Gid-Biy of Mandara Mount

Meaning ‘Eye of the Chief at top’, this archaeological site is made of dry stone. This structure indicates that area had been inhabited more than three centuries ago by some tribes other than the ones which inhabit the land today. It is an architectural heritage.

Babungo Museum

It houses very well preserved objects from the rich cultural and artistic heritage of the Babungo tribe of Cameroon in the North West province. The art objects are clear indications of the various aspects of social life and the artistic heritage of the kingdom. Although a whole range of objects were not available for preservation, the remaining ones still talk of the rich tradition and heritage of the Babungos.

Limbe Botanical & Zoological Garden

Internationally recognized as one of the most active gardens in tropical West and Central Africa, this garden as a natural gateway to the Mount Cameroon region. Limbe Botanic Garden provides a peaceful escape from the nearby bustling city.

Museum of Bandjoun

Bandjoun was one of the important centres of artistic creation and tradition in the Cameroonian Grassland and the museum exhibits over a hundred important objects depicting this cultural heritage. Rare and wonderful remnants symbolizing African art can be seen in the museum. It houses the historical artifacts that showcase the development of art, craftsmanship, and local history.

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